Gourmet 2014 Fall/Winter “Black Croc” Quattro Skate 2 Kicks

gourmet-2014-fall-winter-black-croc-quattro-skate 3
Here’s a set of kicks for all ya’ll ballers who happen to skate or ride with flats, Gourmet‘s Quattro Skate 2 returns with a crazy luxurious rendition of their silhouettes . These bad boy’s are wrapped in a completely blacked out “Black Croc” crocodile-embossed Italian leather uppers. You already know these things are gonna cost a pretty penny. They look dope but I’ll take the patent leather knock off versions…at least I know a crocodile wasn’t killed in order to make them….But Knock offs are usually made in sweat shops so it would still be messed up to buy the knock offs….geezz!! 😉 ….Wait a min…these are Crocodile “Embossed” leathers!! So I’m all good….Now I just have to save up!! 😉

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