wheel talk japan 2013

Wheel Talk Japan 2013, Sick FGFS Action (@Slumworm)

I got sent this dope Fixed Gear Freestyle edit by Matt Reyes and already knew it was gonna be dope. Matt has been producing great FGFS edits for a while and every new release keeps getting better and better. This edit is from the Wheel Talk Japan trip back in 2013. Now press play and enjoy!! 🙂
wheel talk japan 2013

The Wheel Talk Trip to Japan was filmed over the course of our two week stay and was made possible because of our dudes from Fish & Chips Crew. After traveling around the Southern tip of Japan on a 9 State tour, and flying out to Tokyo to visit Marco we were only able to scratch the surface on what unreal street spots Japan had to offer.
August 21st – September 4th 2013
Matt Reyes
Devon Lawson
Jaoa Danaikrit
Ed “Wonka” Laforte
Seitaro Iki
0:00 – Derek Fiechter – Samuri Warrior
0:34 – Hooray For Earth – Black Trees
2:19 – Southern Bride – Meiko Takamine 1942
2:58 – Temples – Move With The Season
6:10 – Ricky Nelson – Traveling Man 1967

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