Bayne aninmated series

Bayne Legacy Apocalypse Animated Series

Bayne aninmated series
I saw this sick illustration posted by Chyna Mccoy in Facebook and I had to share it with ya’ll! The illustration is for a new animated series called “Bayne”. The series is created by Andre Chyna McCoy and is based off the Werewolf, Vampire and Japanese manga anime’ style genre. I’m excited to see how this see this project come to life!

About Bayne:

The Animated series will be based off of Bayne’s, (Hybrid), Journey through a world which has been recently destroyed by mother nature herself. With an epic turn of events in the year 2016, the humans who once ruled the planet earth, now live below it in underground tunnels and dwellings while the Creatures of legends the Werewolves, now known as Warwolves and the Vampires, now known as The Pale Ones, rule the surface world under the iron will of Queen Ambrosia.

Before the great devastation of 2016, Bayne, born a Werewolf with the blood of a King Vampire running through him in 1620, has sepnt his immortal life, locked in combat with the being who created him out of a bloodlust. This animation will take you on an action-packed ride with cinematic, high intensity thrills and drama as Bayne, along with his allies, take on Queen Ambrosia, the daughter of Bayne’s creator.

For more info about Bayne CLICK HERE

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