2017 Truth BMX Products Street/Trail Frame Series

Our friends at Truth BMX Products continue their grind by entering in the BMX street/trial arena with their new frame series!! The frames are made from 100% 4130 chromoly with a 74.9-degree head tube angle, 71-degree seat tube angle, 13.75″ chainstay length, 8.75 standover height and 14 mm dropouts. The frames also feature top and down tube gussets, butted top and down tubes, CNC Mid Bottom Bracket shell, integrated seat post clamp, removable brake mounts, clearance for 2.40″ tires and 8mm thick 14mm dropouts. We’re diggin the street style decals they made for the series!

What makes this series of frames different from most is instead of three completely different frames, It’s actually the same frame with a different name for each length. The shortest frame is the “Rockville” with has a top tube length of 20.75, The “Mechanicsville” is a 21.25tt and “Hollywood” comes in at a ling 21.75tt. We love that they made a longer size street frame available in their line up. It’s rare to see any street frames bigger than 21.25.

Fun Fact: All the frame names in the series are the names of towns in Maryland, the home state of Truth BMX!
The frame is available in 20.75″ (Rockville), 21.25″ (Mechanicsville) and 21.75″ (Hollywood). 😉

All the frames are available in 3 colors; black, blue, red and they weigh 5.5 pounds.
Visit Truth BMX Products to get your hands on one!

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