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BIKE OF THE DAY: Upgraded 2018 Mongoose Title Pro XXL (20 Plus Photos)

The super affordable 2018 Mongoose Title Pro XXL complete has been causing a major buzz on the web! With a price point of $250, the Title is the most affordable XXL, pro sized BMX complete racing bike available. The goal for the folks at Mongoose was to make an elite pro level frame that is fitted with inexpensive (starter) parts to get more people on a BMX racing bike without breaking the bank. Now anyone who currently races as a pro or expert knows the original parts on the stock bike won’t last long for the type of riding they do but the parts would do just fine(for a while) for beginners, novices, intermediates and riders/racers on a budget. But once your ready to upgrade or if you just bought the bike to upgrade from the start, here’s an example of what can be done.

For my custom upgrade on the Title Pro XXL, I wanted to really make the bike flashy, color coordinated and a great performer on the track. In order to achieve that, I hooked my bike up with parts by Elevn, Excess, Vee and Hyper Bicycles. Hyper Bicycles have been a huge supporter of the Sugar Cayne Bike Fest and all my riding shenanigans so I had to represent and put on their 8.5 rise race bars. When it came to the grips I wanted them to match the green colorway of the decals. I went with some green Redline Hex Pro grips which actually feel pretty good. I also wanna point out,  the stock grips that come with the Title Pro XXL are really nice too….but they’re not green..lol 😉

Ever since I put one my Skyway T/A back in 2013, I’ve always ridden with a 45mm Elevn Stem! It’s super light, super strong, looks amazing and never failed on me. I actually kept the stock headset and top cap on but you know I had to put a Truth BMX Products spacer in the mix. I also kept the stock seat/post combo. It’s actually just as lite as your standard, race seat/post combo plus the graphics go with the frame. I used a Snafu seat clamp to hold it to the frame.

Next up are the forks! I hooked up the bike with a black Elevn 8.0 race fork. The forks are light and strong just like I like it 😉 For the wheels I went with a fresh set of Excess 351’s. I’ve been ridding with a set of 351 wheels on my PK Ripper since 2015, I must have done over 1000 miles with them. I did long distance rides, races, hit up the trails, pump tracks, bike parks and all that. I haven’t put a spoke wrench to them yet. These wheels are awesome and fast!

Now the tires was where things got a lil crazy lol!! I really wanted to put on green wall race tires on the Title Pro XXL. I looked all over and could not find any…anywhere!! I wanted my bike to be as light as possible so street tires were out the question and even if they were, you’d never find them in anything smaller than a 20 x1.90..if that lol!! I’m a huge fan of the VEE Speedsters, I’ve been rolling on those tires for a while now and I love em.  The VEE Speedsters come in a bunch of side wall colors and I was hoping I’d find a some green wall versions of them…..but NOPE!!! 🙁 . They even had a run of green tires with black walls but those aren’t available anymore….DAaanngg!! 🙁 . I even contacted them to see if I could get a custom, green wall set done for me lol….but Nope..lol!! Anyways I had to settle for the blue walls. They still look great but green walls would’ve taken the look over the top.

I’ve always wanted to try out the 2 piece EXCESS LSP cranks so I got some put on the Goose with a nice blue Elevn chain ring to go with the blue wall tires of course 😉 I already knew it was gonna be hard to find some racing performance pedals in a green color that would match the green on the frame (Plus my budget was low) so I got these cool Rant “Hella” pedals. I’ve also been on this “Gotta get a colored chain to match” thing over the past few year and KMC is my go to brand for that.

Now the only place I was slacking was with the brakes. I’ve had these Bombshell V brakes for ever so I took them off my other bike and put on the Goose. The brake cable is the stock one that came with the bike and the brake lever is and old Tektro that I had for a while.

Well that’s about it with this build. I actually rode it for the first time since the upgrade at Trumbull T.R.A.C.K. in Connecticut last weekend. I wound up racing and got a 2nd….Aww yeah!! The bike felt great on the track and you can definitely feel a huge the difference in ride quality when you upgrade the parts…… Big shout to Mongoose on this one, The Title Pro XXL is Legit!!!

I also have to give a big shout out and thank you to my sponsors Hyper Bicycles, Snafu BMX, BMX Racing Group, Truth BMX Products, Team Corrosive and DHD Wear!! I couldn’t even come close to do what I’m doing without all their support!
Now check out the flicks below and also leave a comment and let me know what you think of the build.

Action photos take by Zac Gietek

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