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Limited Edition Radical Rick Number Plates!

Radical Rick creator Damion Fulton released a super limited edition Radical Rick number plate for the collectors out there! The custom plates are part of the Radical Rick 40 Years Of Radness celebration via

radical rick 40 year number plate

There were 40 signed and numbered plates which sold out quick at $125 but you can still get your hands on a unsigned plate! There’s also a padset and donuts avaiable!

40 years of getting Rad! From the creative hands of legendary BMX artist Damian Fulton, we are excited to present the Flite Radical Rick collection! The iconic star of the long running BMX Plus! comic strip is back on the bike and more radical than ever. 40 years down the track, the new Radical Rick numberplate, donuts and padsets let you ride with Rick.

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