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Skyway T/A 20″, Chrome, Red, White Colorway

Crazy Al Cayne recently did a photo shoot of his 2013 Skyway T/A and we loved the way the photos came out, the colorway of this build is so on point!! Tt’s all about those Vee Red Wall Speedster tires on those black graphite Tuff Wheels that make this bike really stand out. Originally Crazy Al had the chrome Skyway forks on the bike but he wanted to see what the bike would look like with the white forks and it looks sweet! The white Elevn stem is super light and super strong, it’s definitely the stem Al goes to when putting his bikes together. The white Skyway bars are nice added touch as well as the Tioga spider pivotal seat although we wish the seat sat in the post a little further back. The bike also has some red Cult grips which are awesome and a red Snafu brake cable. When Crazy Al was putting this bike together he didn’t have time to get all the spacers he needed so he used two Cult spacers and some random spacers to get the right height lol. Also he has on an old GT Crank arm on one side and a old Profile crank arm on the other side, plus he put some old Tektro brakes and brake lever on the bike.

As far as we know there will no longer be any 20″ Skyway T/A’s being produced but make sure you visit, they may have some more in stock. Of course you can wait and get the new T/A 24″ which is coming soon

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