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Supercross BMX Pro Carbon BMX Pro Bars

Supercross BMX makes these carbon BMX Pro bars and they’re sick! With carbon bars you get less flex, a lot more stiffness, awesome looks and a heftier price tag. These bars are meant for BMX racing business. And these bars are said to be just as strong as chromoly bars…..yep….check out the info below.

Press release:

The Supercross BMX Carbon Pro Bar is designed for the ultimate racer. The rider who demands the ultimate stiffness in the front of their bike. They are not for everyone. If you think that you need the ultimate race bar, then keep on reading, otherwise our 4130 Cro-mo Heat Treated Pro Bars are probably the best for you.

In order to build the Ultimate Carbon Pro Race Bar, they have to be built stiff, and they have to be built strong, they give you the ultimate power to pull out of the gate and transmit every bit of it right on thru as you force that first pedal down out of the gate and give you control and stiffness as you pull that second pedal up. No flex here. Every bit of track noise is transmitted directly to the rider for the ultimate in rider sensitivity and handling.

With it’s full Monocoque Torray T-700S High Compaction Construction that is the same construction as the ENVY BLK and the BLK Forks. It receives the same time consuming hand layup , the wrapping, the molding, the finishing and the testing. These are bars you know you can trust.

It utilizes a larger 31.8 Clamp area to resist “Hulk” type crushing and offer better front end control while maintaining the standard 7/8″ grip and Brake Lever area.

The Bend and Sweep is the same as our infamous Flatline Bar, so it is easy for you to upgrade and feel comfortable.

Supercross Pro Carbon – 7.5″ Rise
Width – 28″
Rise – 7.5″
Back Sweep – 6º
Up Sweep- 2º
Clamp Width – 50 mm
Bar Weight – 12 ounces ( 350 Grams )

Supercross Pro Carbon – 8″ Rise
Width – 28″
Rise – 8″
Back Sweep – 6º
Up Sweep- 2º
Clamp Width – 50 mm
Bar Weight – 14 ounces ( 390 Grams )

Supercross Pro Carbon – 8.5″ Rise
Width – 30″
Rise – 8.5″
Back Sweep – 6º
Up Sweep- 2º
Clamp Width – 50 mm
Bar Weight – 16 ounces ( 450 Grams )

Oh and did we say there’s no weight limit?? Oh yea, no weight limit. These are a racing bar. And we recommend that you know your limits. And just like a cro-mo bar, or aluminum bar, they can and will break under the right ( or wrong ) circumstances. So be smart with your riding, and know your limits.  But know that these have been tested to the EXTREME limits before we have thought about introducing these. we have seen too many failed Carbon bars over the year to want to try to bring out something that isn’t going to break.

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